Home Group Meeting 18th September 2008

Venue: Three Kings School (school website) Click on the placemark in the map below for more details as well.
Time: 8:45am to 2:30pm
Informal session: 2:30pm to 4pm

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Final Agenda

Welcome, introductions.
Revised Curriculum
Mary Ann-Mills will lead this session. Mary-Anne was the curriculum project manager at the Ministry and now works for CORE. She will facilitate discussion looking at an overview of the NZ Curriculum. The main focus will be on the intent of the document and the direction being set going forward.
Morning Tea
Student Voice
Marilyn Way from Clevedon School will talk about work around student voice in relation to 'The Clevedon learner' and the cluster day where children present to the teachers

Chrissie Butler from the BLENZ cluster will show videos where low vision children talk about their successful solutions for accessing the curriculum. The videos show them in class actively using these solutions. There are also videos of conversations between students about what works for them as learners.

Finally, there will be a chance to share further examples from the group and to have a discussion around student voice
Using web 2.0 tools for student voice
Sue West will lead this session looking at examples from classrooms of web 2.0 tools for student voice with a chance to get some hands-on time as well.
Assessment within clusters
Belinda Johnston from the Elm Park cluster will talk about the reflective blogs they use within the cluster. She will talk about the purpose behind using them, show some models and share strategies used to help cluster members engage with them.

Robyn Taturangi from Royal Oak School will talk about the concept of classroom walkthroughs (adapted from PLOT) and how these have impacted on her own school.

Tessa Gray will facilitate further discussion with the group on the topic of cluster assessment and take the group through the Time4Reflection and Review online conference in Centre 4 highlighting ideas and content around cluster assessment.
Regional workshop evaluation and official goodbyes
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Informal option for anyone interested to stay until 4pm looking at anything of interest to the group. Suzie Vesper will be at the school until 4pm and is happy to support people including running mini-workshops if that is what people want.

Notes from the sessions

Could people who presented please upload any relevant support material to this wiki - thanks a lot :-)

Please add your name below to confirm attendance (and indicate timeframe)

  • Suzie Vesper - all day
  • Belinda Johnston - all day
  • Greg Roebuck 9-11am
  • Trish Plowright - all day
  • Marilyn Way, Sue McIntosh, Scott Cooper - 9-12.30
  • Robyn Tataurangi - all day
  • Angie Simmons. Jenny Bernard - all day
  • Maureen Agnew, James O'Brien, Deidre Alderson (willowbank School) 9-12.30
  • Raewyn Hamilton - Weymouth Int, e-kete cluster, All day
  • Beverly Aerenga - Manurewa West School, e-kete cluster, All day
  • Germaine Peterson, Angela Carter - Otahuhu East Cluster - All day
  • Sue West - 8-2
  • Lynne Thomas CNS Cluster - 9-2.00
  • Chrissie Butler - all day
  • Erna Bornman, Linda Lehrke (Somerville Intermediate) - all day
  • Jo Willmoth, Jude Hudson, Lesley Llewellin, Lana Ferencz
  • Brenda Mauger, Leigh Ezernieks, Regina Smuga
  • Sue Pritchard 9-2
  • Lenva Shearing - all day
  • Brigette Helwes 9-11am Terry Withers, Rachel Clapp - all day Nga Taonga Cluster
  • Fiona Grant CNS Cluster
  • Jenny Merrington Northern Bays Cluster all day
  • Marilyn Roberts, Sharon Riley Otahuhu West Cluster all day
  • Philip Waller, All day Nga Taonga Cluster
  • Nicki Gemmell - all day Nga Taonga Cluster
  • Margaret Wilson E-Kete cluster all day
  • Julie Mills or Pam Hook activ@eden cluster and SustainED Maungarei Kaitiakitanga Cluster
  • David Kinane SustainED Maungarei Kaitiakitanga cluster
  • Janet Gifford-Bryan Global West Cluster Swanson School all day (43 to this point. 39 for lunch)
  • Enosa Auva'a and Sonia Davies iPlus cluster-all day
  • Murray Herd - Carlson School - 8.45 - 11.00

Please add your name below to put in your apologies

  • Pat Chamley
  • Linda Bing and Faye Philp (Carlson School)
  • Diane Guild and Cheryl Fleming (Mt Richmond Special School)
  • Jennie Stewart (Sunnybrae Normal School)
  • Rochelle Stansfield - Eastnet Cluster - Cockle Bay School - All day
  • Janet Pinchen (Glamorgan School)Marilyn Roberts, Sharon Riley Otahuhu West Cluster all day
  • Marilyn Roberts, Sharon Riley Otahuhu West Cluster all day