Benefits of Action Research
  • Can effect change in practice
  • Teachers become professional learners
  • The projects can inspire others to do their own project
  • Encourages teachers to look at their own practice
  • Encourages sharing
  • Develops skills and understandings
  • Help with sustainability
  • can be individual, group or whole school/ cluster
Important things to consider
  • Teachers need to remain open to ideas throughout the whole process
  • Participants need to be willing to undertake the work
  • Keep the AR process simple
  • Implementation of ideas must have support of senior management
  • teachers undergoing AR need support.
  • Teachers need to be clear about the purpose of undertaking AR

What support is needed?
  • Teachers need to be given release time so that can undertake the research
  • Teachers need encouragement
  • A structure to follow
  • teachers need a safe environment
  • Teachers need ongoing support
  • Senior Management need to value the PL

What would we expect to see at the end of the process?
  • Action
  • Change
  • Improved practice
  • More questions
  • Celebration
  • Sharing
  • more reflection
How will you convince teachers to get involved?
  • Incentives
  • Upholding professional standards
  • Expectation of everyone being a Professional learner
  • View to future (jobs etc)
How can AR help in cluster development
  • it is a generic process and can be tailored to individuals, groups, schools.
  • It can tie in with any focus
  • it can help teacher reflect on their own practice
  • it gives focus to the facilitator support as facilitators can support the AR
  • It can solve school wide problems as teachers, group can research before decisions are made.