Venue: Howick Intermediate School,

Botany Road
Telephone: +64 9 534 3922

Date: 6th April 09

Time: 10am to 2:30pm

Proposed Agenda

10am Welcome and introductions
10:30am Morning tea
10:50am Milestones - evidence based and streamlined

The rest of the day will be to discuss areas of interest to clusters. Some ideas that you might be interested are listed below for you to indicate on the form.

Possible Themes

Possible Themes

Milestone reporting processes/practices
Current research on teacher professional development
Sharing of cluster resources, urls
Strategies and systems for setting up new clusters
Current research on interventions and impact on student learning
Local researchers, e-fellows sharing
Workshops from Learning@School
Examples of classroom practice
Effective clusters
SOLO taxonomy
Managing change
Examples of classroom practice
Strategic planning
School curriculum

Attendance: Please complete the form to confirm attendance or to put in an apology

To indicate that you will be attending, all you need to do is fill in the form below and then click submit. Do not worry about filling in the last two boxes if you have no requests or offers to lead a session. If you refresh this page after submitting the form, you should see your entry appear in the spreadsheet below the form (though your email address will not appear to protect privacy - only I will have access to that).