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Brain Research
Hi There -Indira on Great Barrier reaching out for human contact.....
Anyway, I am interested in finding more about the psychological phenomenon of 'thin slicing' and the role of astrocyte brain cells. I love it that at last science is validating the notion of instinct but would like to discuss the implications of this for teaching and learning. Is particularly interesting and kind of confusing that 'instinct' or astrocytes-based pattern-type knowledge is being hyped and explored and simultaneously 'evidence-based' teaching/decision making is advocated -is there any conflict there? Also how can ICT help or hinder thin slicing? I'm no expert on any of this stuff and have probably written in the wrong bit of the page but it's interesting to think about.
Curriculum development – what are clusters / schools doing?
We are extremely lucky to have secured Mary-Anne Mills to come along to the meeting. Mary-Anne was the curriculum project manager at the Ministry and now works for CORE. She has presented on the topic of the curriculum in other regional meetings and this has proven to be very popular with sessions highly valued.
Assessment – how are schools / clusters ensuring that it all works?

More stories, journeys, ideas about what works / worked

Ideas for sustaining the cluster beyond the term of the contract
Angie, ACC Cluster - will share work on action research/needs analysis/strategy planning for beyond the contract
Using childrens voice more

Chrissie here. Happy to throw in the mix some the ways we are trying to facilitate student to student support, esp. in relation to selecting technology to access the curriculum.
Designing learning activities

Looking at more wiki spaces
Angie - will share work the students have made for their class and school wikis from ACC cluster
New Web 2 tools to use in teaching and learning
Sue West - I'll do a few things here if you like. Could combine with the person doing Using childrens' voice more?
Sharing learning outcomes from the clusters
Nga Here Cluster
E-Portfolios, packages, processes etc

Bucklands Beach Cluster, Eastnet Cluster
LMS, packages, processes etc

Facilitation strategies like mentoring teachers, professional learning communities, online communities etc
E-Kete Cluster
Infrastructure. Networking, KAREN, loops

Communication tools like audio/video conferencing (including FlashMeeting perhaps)
Suzie V has a creator account for FlashMeeting that could be modeled.
Aggregating web content through RSS feeds - Google Reader and NetVibes