Indira's Presentation:

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Thank you Indira for your informal informative feedback about development in Mulberry Grove.

Most notable has been the dissemination and development of identifying the key competencies and how these are an important and integral part of the development of school based curriculum - from strategic planning through planning and implementation in the classroom. New thinking has emerged in reference to assessment (ATOL, key competencies etc) and their on-going developments keep this at the heart of new developments. Her workshops at L@S were very well received and Indira invites you to view the school website or come and visit the island.

Indira also talked about her journey so far- in terms of living on the island and leading other schools on the island. The culture is very different within each school on the island and all the schools acknowledge that it is important to keep community at the the heart of everything they do. And important to remember that each school is unique with their own culture and character.

Indira is still working through what this means in terms for assessment.

Thanks for the impromptu feed-in Indira. Yayyy.