Providing equipment at different levels depending on the level of the teacher might lead to a more effective distribution of gear.
  • Principals say, "This is the way it is going to be - deal with it."
  • If a parent said they were concerned, then talk about the fact that there is always strengths from each teacher.
  • If you've got a teacher doing wonderful things with e-learning, have them go and work alongside their peers.
  • Good practice in the school - not mediocre throughout.
  • Does every child have to learn exactly the same thing at the same time??
  • Access at home - the digital divide. Some families don't have broadband. Are parents the only audience? Having things published online can be motivating and enriching due to a wider sense of community coming and sharing with the kids and their work.
  • Once broadband is rolled out properly, there will be exponential growth in community based learning. We are helping to facilitate the future and how can we help move people in that direction.
  • Working family - no time to take them to library or little spare money.

Range of ability of teachers - concern that it is possible
  • Teacher evaluation - there should be a level of competency that every teacher should meet.
  • Melding with other skills - bring a dancing and e-learning skill together. Try to help people recognise that there are strengths within the school.
  • Challenge to the group - there are many easy tools out there now. Days are over where teachers can say, "It is not my strength" and then they opt out.

Digital Divide + Teacher Capability
How do we make sure everyone has the same information?
How do you deal with some people only having dialup?
Teachers having different ICT experience.

  • How do you ensure that teachers use the tools?
  • What if your teacher leaves?
  • Keeping equipment up to date
  • Is the transition followed through years 1 -13?

How are we going to deal with the parents that see that one teacher has a lot of resources and those that don’t? Does it come across that that teacher isn’t as competent?

Teacher capability
How do you deal with the continuum?

  • Observe how teachers are using ICT in their classroom - using your own checklist.

Good ICT facilitators for teachers already have good classroom practice
Good at team teaching
Up skill two teachers in the area they are good at then buddy up with other staff – it is less overwhelming.
Up skilling teachers - keep chunks small – up skill then scaffold other staff members through the process.
Skill of selecting what is useful to use in different teachers rooms
Find what area the staff member is into – then support what they are doing. Through photos.
Letting staff know that everyone has different skills.
There is an expectation that all teachers need to have a level of ICT.

  1. Staff to pull a competency out of a hat – then show how you integrate that into your topic using ICT.

Community education maybe need to get the community up skilled into using technology.