Resources and Ideas from Today...
Great Youtube clips to use in class
Where to start with wikis and blogs

Online surveys and ICT PD surveys
The following Google doc, ICT Integration survey has been created by Conor Bolton from Reporoa School. He has kindly shared this with us, so that we can tweak, add and modify this document as we see fit. If you want to modify this document, then you will need to email Tessa Gray and request permission. You will also need a Google email account.

Making online surveys to collect data in clusters
Gathering evidence in surveymonkey

Online discussions

Ethical issues around the use of online tools
Suzie's presentation for connected learners online

Great links for facilitators

Ideas for sustainability:

Talk to principals about what is leadership, use leading learning wiki, unpack attributes of great leadership.
Thinking about resourcing and funding, allocating funding, PD and resources, making sure we have enough funds to support this.
Leaders will need to be resourceful, allocating budgets, fund raising.
Teasing out attributes of successful leaders EG: 5 June ICT PD Newsletter
Regular reporting back on achievement and up-skilling parent community.
Focus group of parents in schools.
Get schools onto loops
Continue networking between schools with lead teachers, provide time and resources
Continued funding for teachers to continue their journey
How do we mentor facilitators beyond the contracts?