How to write succinct, meaty milestones Example milestone Milestone Example

Milestone Workshop Presentation from 2009

This clarifies why we are addressing milestone writing in this portion of cluster network meeting

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Additional Material:

Handouts: Word document to help writing of reports, milestone rubric, milestone template, analytical questioning, teacher continuums, ICT PD 2008 end-of-project responses
Milestone Support Material Folder in ICT PD Online including the latest milestone templates
Evidence based practice underpins everything we do in education and is coming through all kinds of research throughout NZ including BES.

Milestone samples
The rationale for sharing these examples:
Clearly shows links between
• What were the planned outcomes directly linked to programme outcomes
• Evidence for any shifts and how have students benefited
• Key learning for the school/cluster
• Explanation of support mechanisms
• Examples of evidence such as quotes, links, documentation, learning stories, survey data.
• Written in objective, non-personalised manner
Areas for improvement on these reports:
  • More streamlined approach needed, less writing.
  • More analysed collation of school responses - summarised findings
  • Avoid duplicating material
  • Less writing, less writing, less writing
  • 10-12 page