Team Solutions
TS Building
Room 202
Gate 1
78 Epsom Avenue
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The entrance to the parking building is at Gate 2, 76 Epsom Ave. You can park on level 2 or 3. There is a barrier arm at Level 2 but it is usually left up after 5pm.
Access to the Team Solutions building is on the opposite side of the parking building on Level 2. Signs will direct you to Kohia Education Centre and Team Solutions. The entrance to the Team Solutions building is shared with the Kohia Education Centre. If you arrive after 5pm this will be locked. Turn left at the door and walk across the car park between the Te Puna Köhungahunga and the TS building and you will arrive at the back door to the right of the fire exit stairs.


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There will be a guest username and password organised for wireless connection for those attending on the day.
Data Projector and speakers also available in the room
Also have access to another smaller room for breakout discussions with data projector if programme and numbers require

Virtual Attendance

I will organise to have a polycom set up through the MoE conference bridge. Details posted here shortly
Can skype in through my laptop as there is a proxy server on the campus network.