Ideas/ Sharing

Drop box
Use for sharing large files. It also syncs automatically. You can invite colleagues to share your own drop box.

Literacy on line
You can subscribe and get emails sent out by the active community.

A presentation tool that you can use instead of powerpoint etc online.

Google Calendar
A great way to move away from paper timetables and staff room whiteboard calendars to online versions. Can be used to book spaces as well. Google tools in general are a wonderful resource. You don't need to use Watchdog to get set up with Google Apps Education Edition.

Digital story telling
Photos taken using TV connected to the camera so that the shots can be checked at the point of taking them.

Interface magazine
A great resource - only $1 per teacher to subscribe as a school.

Digital backpack wiki
A wiki with work from Somerville Intermediate showing work and links to student wikis. Good idea - use Google Alerts to monitor comments about a school or teacher.

SuperClubs Plus
An Australian tool that is being trialled in NZ schools to deal with issues around digital citizenship and cyber safety online. 24 hour moderator that gets back to students 'nicely' giving them feedback about inappropriate online behaviour.

The digital citizenship module/s
In May, there will be the first module on digital citizenship and cyber safety. 2nd - intellectual IP. 3rd -

Conference by kids for kids
Fertile question - how can they use technology to enhance their own lives and the lives of others. Will be for Yr 7/8 syndicates and invites to contributing schools Yr 6 students.

Computers in New Zealand Schools - online journal
Has an article "Children's Internet Searching: Where do they go wrong?". Need to get kids to evaluate how suitable the site is for them and to think critically to evaluate the information provided on a site.
To illustrate: "Tree Octopus" endangered animal and DHMO (water) "information."